Friday, August 17, 2012

Jackfruit PeraTi Payasa..

Ing :

Jackfruit PeraTi Pulp : 2 Cups ( Soak PeraTi in a 2 cups of cold water to get a fine pulp )
Jaggery : 6 Tspn ( According to your taste )

Cardamom Powder : 1/4 Tspn
Cashews : 2 Tspn
Ghee : 1/2 Tspn

Coconut Milk : 2 Cups

Method :

* In a pan mix peraTi pulp,jaggery and coconut milk, bring it to boil in a medium flame then switch off the heat.
*In a seperate pan roast the cashews in a ghee, add that into payasa along with cardamom powder and close lid.
* You can serve chilled or hot as a desert.

Total time to prepare : 30 minutes

Making Jackfruit PeraTi :

Ing :

Jackfriut ( Remove the seeds ) : 1 Kg

Jaggery : 1/4 Kg

Method :

* Blend the jackfruit into a fine pulp and keep it aside.
* Take a heavy bottomed vessel and add jackfruit pulp and jaggery.
* Cook the mixture until water gets evaporated and solid enough to make pieces( Stirr the mixture occasionally or else it will stick to bottom of the vessel ). Normally this process takes 2 to 3 hours.